Fun Flash Giveaway

My Choice Fun Flash Giveaway

How it will work: There are couple of ways to get chosen.

  1. You make comments on FB and, or this website. I may choose more than one per giveaway or day.
  2. You are a high referrer with at least 30 referral entries in any giveaway being done by and doesn’t include giveaways we promote from other sites. I may chose more than one for each giveaway within the time period of this contest.

You do not have to do both. And even if you do both, you may not be chosen. My Choices for your comments and high referrals gets you entered! If your comment strikes me somehow, I will enter you. I may choose you simply because I see you on the site all the time always commenting and participating. You cannot enter on your own. The entry form itself is hidden so that only I can enter a person, but if I enter you I will list you below. If you have a more common surname, I will put your first initial. Anyone who enters any other giveaway is eligble. I will be adding to the list below frequently.

However if you are somehow entering and not being subscribed to my Newsletter (even if you unsubscribe) and I cannot find your email, I will choose someone else. Example: You are on FB as Jane Smith, but your are entering contests are Julie Johnson to remain annonymous somehow and I enter your name in my list as Jane Smith.. I will not be able to find your email so I will not ask for it, I will just move on to someone else.

I hope that everyone understands that in any giveaway we do, simply posting on FB, Twitter or in our site comments does NOT get you entered into any giveaway. You must always use the entry form for that specific giveaway.

Bottomline! Just have fun…

Contest Period: January 23 through February 22, 2019 Winner will be chosen by February 25, 2019. I will post the winner on the February 2019 Winner page. Winner will have FIVE days to claim their Win or Forfeit. I’m leaning toward waiting until the winner claims the prize and then choosing Two items from Amazon Daily Deals for them to claim as their prize. I thought this way you could get something that was valued at a higher price and that you want… what do you think? Like it or No? Would you rather I pick and post what it is? You can post your answer in comments below.

You can ask questions either below in the comment area or on the Facebook page.

Entries by surname:

OrganHallidayL. Shepherd
ZierleJ. LopezK. Baker
RapoportN. PorterA. Trader
R. LopezReed-WarrenJ. Mason
Evans-GreeneJ. CaldwellK. Irvin


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