Winners November 2018


Winners are listed by entering the first part of the email address entered in sweepstakes. We do this to maintain your privacy, and so we can verify the claim.

You must use the same email address to claim your prize. No exceptions. We need your full name, mailing address and phone number (shipper requires for verification only). Include the drawing date and prize won. If the prize had an option, include your option information.

CONTACT US HERE with the above information.

We will get back to you within 24 hours or the first business day after a weekend and get you your prize information. All prizes not claimed within 15 days of the contest ending will be forfeited. That includes not sending all the required information


Congratulations and thank you for using and sharing our site and prizes with your friends! [email protected]

11/02/-11/05/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: hamjenny66 PAPER SHREDDER Bundle [High Referrer: ]

11/06/-11/08/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: [email protected] Clorox Clean-up Bundle [High Referrer: ]

11/09/-11/12/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: [email protected] Gain Variety Pack [High Referrer: ]

11/13/-11/15/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: [email protected] ZIPLOC Variety Pack [High Referrer: ]

11/16/-11/19/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: Congratulations [email protected] you won: Original Magic Bullet Blender [High Referrer: ]

11/20-21/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: Congratulations [email protected] you won: Goetze’s Caramel Creams [High Referrer: ]

11/22-23/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: Congratulations [email protected] you won: Gatorade Variety Pack – 24/12oz [High Referrer: ]

11/24-26/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner:Congratulations [email protected] you won: Belgium Waffle Maker and Mix Bundle [High Referrer: ]

11/28-30/2018 Flash Giveaway Daily Winner: Congratulations peterg201 you won:
Glad OdorSheild Fabreze Fresh Trash Bags [High Referrer: ]



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